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Welcome to massive clicks, Your payment was

approved. You will receive a follow up email.

Welcome to 24 hours web traffic to your link every month. Your ongoing subscription have been activated. Send your website link to 


You will start receiving massive clicks to your link. Payment descriptions on your bank statement is 24 hours ads. All our customers who use our service are always happy because we deliver great result, if you continue to work with us we would keep improving the service to meet your desired result on all monthly subscriptions. We are always ready to help your business make progress if you continue to give us your feedback. 

All payment is final except we do not deliver the service as promised due to connection failures. Any form of refund request would be considered a fraudulent abuse you must contact us if you have issues with our service. Any refund request not reported to us would be considered an abuse of the charge system, We would report such issues to collections company for full recovery and placing it on your credit history, which would damage your credit reputation and credit scores. If you are facing any financial issues always reach out to us for help with cancelling your subscription. To avoid damaging your credit reputation, none compliance or lying about not recognizing a charge, We would send the default payment and disputed payment to collections this will remain on your credit history.


You also qualify for our affiliate program and our $1380 bonus card we pay via PayPal or bitcoin  if you keep our service for up to six months,  Your commission and referral would be unlocked after using our service for six months. We always reward our long term clients who have invested in our service terms and conditions applies.

Once you have qualified for our affiliate program after using our service for six months you only need four referral to join our service using your code, you can earn the $1380 bonus. You will receive an email from us with more details once you qualify for our affiliate program. You are not obligated to join the program it all about choice, We only select few qualified members to be part of our program because we want everything done professionally. No member is allowed to make false claim about our service to get a bonus. You must always be sincere and honest about our program and marketing campaign. 

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